Tips for Holiday Time Travel

  • Especially for singles the holidays can be a GREAT time to cruise! It's fun, exciting and for many it's an escape from the cold weather.

    There are a few tips to consider when traveling during the holidays.

    1. Choose to fly into your port of embarkation the night before. The weather and the large amount of travelers and flights lends itself to many flight delays. It's also much less stressful to have a night in port rather than rush to the gangway after having rushed to a flight.

    2. Consider paying more to fly direct. Due to the heavy travel time, connections can be missed and lost luggage is a higher risk if you choose a connecting flight. 

    3. If you choose a connecting flight plan at least an hour and a half for connecting flights. 

    4. Always pack a well thought out carry-on, here is one of my favorite blogs to help you PACK THE PERFECT CARRY ON.



    Happy Holidays!