Tips on "How to Dress"

  • Q) How do I dress for a singles cruise?

    A) Be prepared to dress up in the evening – even on casual nights most people dress in a nicer fashion then they would if they were hanging out at home. You want to dress to impress! You will also have several theme nights on your singles cruise that you will want to prepare for so you can “dress the part!”

    Ladies make sure those heels you packed are heels you can walk in because there is a lot of walking on the ship and you will not enjoy yourself if you are getting blisters! Comfy shoes and sandals are a must. Flip flops are fine for the pool but make sure you have a sturdy sandal with a strap when you walk in port. Many times the terrain is uneven and flip flops can be dangerous.

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  • PARTYBOii21
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    CarlosSolis1 Costume or Tux for the New Years Shindig then?
    June 6, 2017
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    KeyzHolls Agree on flip flops. Get ones that have a firm sole more like the bottom of a walking shoe. For even the pool! I forgot my standard flip flops on my last cruise and bought some of the basic thin flexible flip flops and because I do not always raise my rig...  more
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