3 Things New Cruisers Fear

  • Over the years I've found these three points to be things that new cruisers worry most about, read on, it's time to throw that worry out the window!


    1.They think that they are the only ones travelling alone.


    The majority of our cruisers come all by themselves the first time, so you are not alone you are in good company! Many decide to take advantage of our roommate matching program.


    2.They think it’s a "pick-up" or "hook-up" fest.


    I think our repeat cruisers say it best “It’s whatever you want it to be.” Most people truly come just to hang out and make more single friends who like to travel.


    3.They think it is all young 20 year olds on board.


    Our average “all ages” cruise has all ages 21-80+ but the majority are 35-60 years old so this couldn’t be further from the truth. We do get a few people in their 20s but they are the minority, with the exception of our age specific 20’ss and 30’s cruise. We also offer a 40’s plus cruise and this cruise tends to get most in the 50’s & 60’s age range. So there truly is something for everyone!