How to Make a Good First Impression

  • This is an easy one – please wear a SMILE! So many people forget to smile at the first singles party because nerves get in the way and your usual carefree grin gets lost in the shuffle. A smile goes a long way at getting a person’s attention and making a great first impression. Nobody wants to introduce themselves to a “Debby Downer”.

    This is the one tool we own that looks great on everyone! Smile and catch someone’s eye. Now that you are both smiling, what’s next? Introduce yourself. If the person you are interested in doesn’t introduce themselves or you don’t get an opportunity to meet them – that’s ok. It’s not like you invested years into this person so just smile at someone else!

    Have some real fun getting to know the others in the group. Laughing is a good look on everyone and it takes your mind off the person you are crushing on. Casual and breezy should be your mentality on a first time meet and greet while wearing your best smile. Good luck!