The Biggest Mistake New Cruisers Make

  • Waiting until the last minute to book. I think there is an urban myth out there that makes people believe that they will find last minute deals on cruises. I’m not saying that this never happens, some locals pack their bags and show up at the terminal hoping for a no show - but I can’t think of a time that it’s happened on one of our singles cruises. Much like airlines, the prices actually go UP closer to sailing and the cruise lines increase their prices due to demand and inventory scarcity. So BOOK early to save money!


    Also, when guests do book late, which we consider 2 months prior to sailing, you may miss out on dining with the group, the dining room fills up and your seat is not held unless you’re booked.

    If you are considering roommate matching you should know that we often don’t offer roommate matching after final payment, which is 90 days prior to sailing, so again don’t delay.


    Some guests have expressed that they didn’t know if they’d still be single next year, well that’s fine too, book the cruise and there is usually no penalty to cancel and your deposit is refundable up until approximately 90 days prior to sailing. If you meet the person within that 90 days there is still an option to cancel and maybe lose a portion OR for a small additional charge you can bring the person along with you! The cruise has a group of singles but the majority of the guests are couples and families so you may choose to come and join our fun or just enjoy your vacation with your new bf/gf. Either way it’s a win win.


    Shore excursions may be booked up too. So instead of touring the islands with the group, you are left touring with families and romantic couples…boo! So in short, book early to avoid disappointment. I know it’s your vacation but a little planning will go along way to enhance your vacation!