Europe Cruise Tips

  • Shelby’s Top Tips for Traveling in Europe:

    • Bring photocopies of your passport.

    • Bring along cash for easy money exchange at the airport or exchange some before you leave for your trip. You will need Euros in Europe, you can order them at the bank or get them at the airport but I always have the currency on me, don't wait until you arrive at your destination. 


    • Bring several different credit cards. Many times even when you alert your credit card company to travel they shut off your credit card due to fraud protection. I've found it important to have several different cards so that in the case that it happens to one or two cards I still have another to utilize. 


    • Wear a cross strapped small travel purse so that there is never ANY reason to put down your purse and you have easy access to your passport and money at all times. 


    • Buy a book with common phrases and questions in the native language before you travel or download an app on your smart phone.


    • Be alert and cautious at all times when traveling to different countries. Be mindful of your passport and wallet location and don’t allow anyone to distract you at the ATM machine.


    • Buy and break in good closed toed sandals or sneakers. Europe has walking cities, it is hot and you will be on uneven terrain, good walking shoes are essential and flip flops can be dangerous. 


    • Start walking daily to build up your stamina. 


    • Most of the ships have US voltage outlets but Europe does not. You should buy your own adapter online especially to charge your phone/laptop while in the airport and at hotels. Items such as hair dryers and curling irons usually do not work with adapters and will cause a large spark, the item to "fry" and a fuse to be blown. Most hotels will have adapters upon request.


    • If you plan to use your phone, ask your cell phone provider to put you on an international plan for the duration of your trip.


    • Have fun exploring each new destination through a private singles-only shore excursion with a tour guide you can understand and hear. So much is missed if you simply try to go through it on your own or you are with 100's of people you don't know. Booking outside tour companies can be extremely stressful as many are unable to meet you inside the port area due to ship restrictions and the phone numbers are often unreliable from a US based phone. You don't want to miss a day in port due to misunderstandings with your tour company, it's truly best to book with


    • Many times flights are missed or cancelled on these long voyages, don't be discouraged, just keep the adventure going and BE SURE to pack an amazing carry-on bag. Here is the link to the perfect carry-on for ladies. PACK THE PERFECT CARRY-ON

  • Angela
    Angela Good information, Shelby! Thanks.
    August 30, 2014
  • ajty
    ajty good tips Shelby, thanks I will miss you on all shore excursion. I have to go on my own ,, I didn't get on time any email from you to my correct address,, magda
    June 9, 2015
  • svdoug
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    June 18, 2015
  • ajty you are welcome to inquire on board with the shore excursion desk, they often have extra tickets to our tours - also please phone the office to be sure we have the correct email on file b/c all of the emails are automated from
    August 10, 2015