Non-Solicitation Policy

For the enjoyment of our guests use on this private site has a strict NON-SOLICITATION policy. This includes but is not limited to the following: Unauthorized private shore excursions, websites, web based groups, on board events, merchandise, consumable products and any web based business promotion. If these rules are violated the person who has posted the unauthorized information will be banned from the use of our private message boards immediately and their membership will be terminated indefinitely.


Terms of Service

Terms of Use is a travel agency dedicated to planning hosted single cruises. is not responsible for the actions and interactions of any clients while on board the ship, during shore excursions and while using any of our social media sites, either, before, during, or after their cruise.

Our clients and users of our website are solely responsible for the content they publish or display (“post”) on the Forums, Facebook, or transmit to other guests by any means. does not endorse or control the views, opinions or comments of past, present or future clients. reserves the right to delete any comment, post, or profile form any site under its control. Guests and clients are expected to refrain from using profanity an inappropriate language and to use discretion when sharing any personal or medical information.

Under no circumstances is responsible or liable for any postings on any individual user’s social media pages. has no obligation to monitor or attempt to resolve disputes between any of its clients and guests.

Roommate match: will match clients of the same gender to share a cabin, and it will try to match roommates based on age similarity, although this is not a guarantee. does not conduct any type of background checks on it clients in general, and specifically does not conduct background checks on matching a client with another in a roommate situation. makes no representations or warranties regarding compatibility between roommates.

Under no circumstances will be liable for any damages whatsoever, whether direct, indirect, general, special, compensatory, consequential, and/or incidental arising out of or relating to the conduct of any client or guest action or interaction between clients or guests, including without limitation bodily injury, emotional distress, harassment, and defamation. Guest Sales Policy: neither endorses nor permits any guest or other party to sell or solicit any services or goods in conjunction with our voyages. This includes, but is not limited to, merchandise, souvenirs, tours, shore excursions, or other item. We reserve the right to remove any solicitations or posts from our guest forums, social media websites, etc.

Photography Release
I authorize
and its parent company Travel Leaders Group, LLC to publish photographs taken
by me or others, including images with my likeness and the likenesses of my minor children taken during any Company
arranged travel activity for use in Company’s publications whether in print, online or video-based marketing materials.
I release and hold harmless and its parent company Travel Leaders Group from any reasonable
expectation of privacy or confidentiality associated with the images above. I will defend and indemnify Company with respect
to any and all third party claims regarding intellectual property ownership rights associated with the photographs indicated
I acknowledge that my participation is voluntary and that I will not receive financial compensation of any type associated
with the taking or publication of these photographs or participation in Company marketing materials or other Company
publications. I acknowledge and agree publication of these photographs confers no rights of ownership or royalties